CUBE future-fit test

Are you interested in finding out just how future-fit your business is?

We’ve created a simplified assessment that you can easily answer to identify whether your internal strategy, design systems and silos are working for your enterprise. Find out if your CUBE is fully aligned or scrambled.

Take the CUBE future-fit test
Question 1

How well is your strategy understood by everyone, and implemented across the enterprise?

Question 2

Do you have a transformation roadmap in place to enable and monitor strategic initiative execution?

Question 3

Have you used strategy as input into how organisation design or redesign should be approached?

Question 4

Does your enterprise use a Target Operating Model? And if so, how does this enable or support your organisation?

Question 5

Is your Target Operating Model in a central repository and available for employees to collaborate and co-create?

Question 6

How well Is your Target Operating Model defined and described?

Question 10

Is preparing your work environment for organisational change easy and normally done well?

Question 11

How do you ensure all voices are heard and accounted for during the organisational change process?

Question 12

How do you ensure buy-in is achieved when shifting towards a new organisational structure?

Question 13

How do you ensure that the necessary support processes and systems are designed and departments work together to enable the organisation?

Question 14

What is your business process maturity and do you have the means to improve or change processes in support of your core value chains?

Question 15

Is your organisation design aligned to how your processes are executed?

Question 16

Do you have triggers in place to ensure key inputs or assumptions are continuously validated to ensure your organisation design remains relevant and impactful?

Question 17

Do you have the ability to pivot or change organisation design in an agile manner as external factors change?

Question 18

Do you measure key outcomes to ensure the organisation design effort was effective?

The Results are in!

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