[B] Target Operating Model | 21 Oct 2021

Are you engineered for the future?

The formal meaning of engineered is “to design and build or modify by manipulating its genetic material, and skilfully arrange for something to occur”, whilst future’s meaning is “at a later time, going or likely to happen or exist”, cited by the Oxford dictionary. In other words, (re)design needs to take place for something that will happen later. The question one has to ask is whether the ‘likely to happen’ already happened? Has the impact of a global epidemic such as COVID-19 fast forwarded the timelines and we are in the midst of the future?

The change enterprises require is now greater than ever, and unfortunately stretches across all domains of the enterprise, from the environment (context), organisation (operation and internal arrangements), ICT, Information and Human skills and know how. These domains are interrelated, for example if team collaboration platforms are installed to enable virtual work but the human skills to operate these platforms are not in place, or information flow to enable decision making is not aligned to a new way of work, or internal processes do not support collaboration and so on, problems could be self-inflicted having adverse impact on business performance.

In order to skilfully arrange the enterprise, to address this disruptive changing environment, enterprise engineering as an integrated set of disciplines for building or changing an enterprise, its processes, and systems are positioned. A scientific approach can help business owners, heads of departments to name a few to efficiently and effectively navigate the storm. The CUBE approach will enable you to be, remain or become engineered for the future.

Without a doubt, ‘that will happen later’ has indeed happened, and (re)design needs to take place.


Andreas de Boer