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So, what makes up
CUBE Engineered?


CUBE Engineered was born of a vision
to create a platform that’s globally
known and trusted to build, design and
future-proof enterprises.

A vision to enable not just management, but all staff to see the big picture when it comes to business. A vision to take any enterprise and give it the platform to make sure it can withstand whatever the future has in store for it.

Coupled with that vision is a mission to be a leader of enterprise design and optimisation, created through cutting-edge technology, creative solutions, technical expertise and sound advice.


Andreas de Boer

The CUBE Engineered founder, an Industrial Engineer with over two decades worth of business transformation experience, identified a need to relook at the way enterprises were being structured, managed and operated.

He found himself disheartened at constantly seeing failed end-to-end enterprise transformation programs, mostly due to the complex nature of enterprises. His pursuit of solutions led him into the exciting field of Enterprise Engineering research where he developed a passion to ensure businesses were future-fit to withstand an ever-changing tomorrow. It’s through his love for building sustainable enterprises that CUBE Engineered was formed.

CUBE Engineered's organisational design and platform, enabled a collaborative, real-time environment, which was co-created with our client. It was instrumental in promoting culture and leadership behaviors within our organisation and enabling change through design.

Sherwyn Roussouw
Founder and Managing Consultant, BeSolid Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

The CUBE Engineered approach to organisational design and the supporting platform enabled our project team to deliver an organisation design that was actively co-created by our client in a collaborative and real-time environment. It was highly instrumental in promoting important culture and leadership behaviours whilst delivering on the organisation design project and enabled change and buy-in of the new design as an integrated part of the approach.

Marina Pretorius
Organisational Psychologist


CUBE Engineered is designed within a globally renowned cloud-based business and process modelling platform. The goal of this is to help enterprises thrive in our ever-changing world.

By doing so CUBE Engineered facilitates enterprise transformations by aligning to the unique CUBE approach.

Once our CUBE Engineered platform has been created within your system, a digital twin of your enterprise is brought into existence, where dynamic changes to help reach your goals can be made. It’s this power that CUBE Engineered draws on to create a host of solutions to solve complex enterprise puzzles.

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